The Simson Way

“Great Leaders are Made, Not Born.” – Vince Lombardi

We couldn’t agree more!

At Simson Training Group, we take high performers and transform them into the leaders and mentors who advance your teams and your organization. Every day.

We do that by teaching leadership skills, practices and attitudes that break down the barriers to great leadership, and create stronger, more agile, and more empowered organizations.

How will we help you rise above the competition?  Each organization has different needs in order to prosper.  Whether you need a partner to help use your team’s diverse skills to create higher profitability, improve relationships with employees and customers that demonstrate your core values, or lower turnover through enhanced onboarding methods, we have helped others, and we can be your catalyst.  Perhaps you want greater bench strength, employee involvement in decision making, or streamlined process improvements. Our unique methods worked to do that for others, and we will work to get you there.

What makes Simson Training Group so different?  Our training forums are interactive, insightful, and totally hands-on. We understand how important it is for our leadership training to “stick”- to be applied and practiced daily as each leader evolves and grows. So we train differently —through a more immersive, highly customized, and comprehensive model that is hard work — and well worth the time and effort.

Simson Training is entirely customized to your culture, your goals and your challenges.

Every leader has unique gifts, and harnessing those is the key to making learning stick in a way that ensures real growth, sustainability, and organizational prosperity. Our groups are designed to help individuals tap into their own strengths while also extending the benefits of diversity.

We aim to sustain. Our forums are designed to ignite sustainable practices. To that end, they are authentic, relatable and highly immersive. Our training isn’t over when the session ends; we stay connected to participants, managers and supervisors regularly for six months after your forum. This allows us to help integrate learning and make sure it leads to actions that financially benefit your whole organization.

All Simson Training forums typically consist of 3-day training modules addressing one of the following:

  • Leading Your Team To Success
  • Developing Your Direct Reports
  • Diversity At Work
  • Results-Driven Meetings
  • The Right Start For First Time Leaders


Check out our most popular training experiences and contact us at (843) 478-5091  or email at to find out how we can help you with your organization’s particular needs.