Mary Anthony


“One of the most important requirements of my job is public speaking. It is extremely important that I am able to promote our work in the field through speaking engagements, to audiences both large and small. Without expert coaching this would have been a weak skill for me and a liability for my employer. Edie Harrison taught me the process of how to speak in public effectively, without fear, by breaking down this beast of a task into understandable, manageable parts. Instead of being a source of stress for me, public speaking is now manageable and sometimes even fun! Without Edie’s skillful coaching, this would have been an ongoing struggle and we would not be able to communicate effectively to our audiences. I am not perfect, but each engagement has been easier and more effective. It feels great to have a handle on what was once such a difficult part of my job!”

– Mary A., Executive Director, The 1772 Foundation, Inc.