Leading Your Team To Success

Targeted communication skills that propel your team to work together.

A 3-day, interactive training forum format that engages your leaders and gives them the simple tools they need to target their communication and teambuilding efforts – tools they can, in turn, teach others in order to grow profit, productivity and customer service while lowering turnover.

  • Speaking and training to employee’s learning style
  • Eliciting honest, respectful input from the team
  • Choosing the most impactful communication method to ensure real understanding and action after a conversation
  • Developing a strong communication plan to decrease time spent chasing down information from employees while making sure everyone is in the loop
  • Praising, reprimanding, and recognizing accomplishments in a way that guarantees repeated good performance
  • Honing listening skills to find root causes of performance issues
  • Creating leadership/followership interdependence to allow for improved bench strength in the company
  • Teaching others how to grow both their leadership and followership skills
  • Developing others  through teaching your team how to approach you with suggestions, improvements, and problems
  • Learning the steps for approaching your boss to get agreement on actions
  • Creating your group dynamic of trust, respect,  and partnership with a focus on operational results
  • Determining your team’s own vision/plan that supports, in action, your company’s vision, mission, and core values

Methods of instruction: Informal Lecture, Guided Discussion, Application level exercises.