Diversity At Work

Discovering and using the experiences, talents, and differences of your team to thrive as an organization.

Simson’s Diversity Training offers a 3-day, interactive, and collaborative forum experience that will enhance your company’s  mission through using the unique skills, talents, and experiences of each individual on your diverse team.

Participants completing this training forum will be able to improve performance and interpersonal relationships among a diverse workforce by successfully applying learned concepts:

  • Determining the best method for new employees of all cultural backgrounds to clearly understand your mission and how they fit into that mission
  • Developing relationships centered around what a person “brings to the party”
  • Determining what respect means to different people and taking action to display respect while showing others what respect means to you
  • Using the “diversity bio” when recognizing an individual’s performance
  • Honoring Primary/Secondary Dimensions of Diversity – understanding differences, finding similarities, and celebrating both
  • Identifying behaviors that get in the way of using diversity
  • Stopping unproductive behaviors through counseling and “teachable” moments
  • Creating a plan to enhance your mission by taking diversity “baby steps”
  • Learning about various cultural and religious customs of your employee group
  • Determining  company’s cultural norms to which everyone must assimilate; discover ways to “teach” those cultural norms
  • Creating a personal six-month plan to enhance your mission through improved understanding of diversity and its link to mission accomplishment


Methods of instruction: Informal Lecture, Guided Discussion, Case Study, Application level exercises