The Right Start For First Time Leaders

Front line leadership skills for creating a culture of inclusion, consistency, and professionalism.

Typically, within one month of moving into a Supervisor level position, that person will need some guidance and reinforcing strategies for leading others.  This training module accomplishes that by providing new supervisors with concrete, hands-on tools to help them lead their teams through targeted communication, coaching, and counseling.

After completing this 3-day training forum, participants will improve team performance by successfully applying learned concepts:

  • Living the role and characteristics of an effective supervisor
  • Training front line employees through learning styles
  • Determining what method of communication will garner the best results
  • Praising and reprimanding more effectively
  • Strengthening focus on operational performance measures
  • Planning and organizing daily activities
  • Reaping performance results through a balance of taking care of the mission and taking care of the people
  • Defining standards of performance for the front line team
  • Choosing appropriate forms of counseling that best fit employee’s situation and supervisor’s needs
  • Preparing for a counseling session, getting to the root cause of an issue, helping counselee resolve problems, and documenting the session
  • Providing follow up with front line employees to focus on enhancing their skills

Methods of instruction:  Informal Lecture, Guided Discussion, Application level exercises