Developing Your Direct Reports

Profiting from a consistent, strong mentorship culture.

This 3-day training forum builds upon the learning in the “Leading Your Team To Success” module by cultivating specific ways of enhancing your partnership and communication with your direct reports in order to develop their skills and your bench strength:

  • Nipping problems in the bud to decrease need for disciplinary actions
  • Determining the best uses for counseling for a particular situation
  • Using the right counseling skills to reach your goal of either changing behavior, helping with a personal problem, or reinforcing exceptional work
  • Preparing for the session – a lost art, that if done properly, makes the session more productive, less stressful for both parties, and keeps both of you from straying from meaningful conversation
  • Working through the counseling event, from opening the session to getting to the root cause of an issue to resolving and  following up to ensure change is taking place
  • Handling specific behaviors in counseling that, if allowed to continue, would negate any gains made in the session
  • Discovering what counseling can’t fix – knowing when to stop and move to disciplinary action
  • Coaching for success – what to do before you delegate
  • Getting someone ready for delegation of a task
  • Practicing your job, as a coach, at each level of follower development
  • Creating a simple, easy to use performance management plan– putting responsibility for performance in  the hands of employees
  • Setting clear performance and behavior expectations on day one
  • Working with employees to take the angst out of goal setting
  • Organizing consistent tracking sessions for accountability – the key to high performance

Methods of instruction:  Informal Lecture, Guided Discussion, Case Study, Application level exercises.