Results-Driven Meetings

Making meetings work as a platform for enhanced team commitment and problem solving.

In this 3-day training experience, participants strengthen their meeting facilitation skills in order to conduct various types of results-driven meetings.  The goal will be to enhance each participant’s communication methods and relationships in the workplace through the platform of truly effective meetings. This level of training can make huge impacts on organizations of any size.

  • Improving group communication through effective meetings
  • Learning when to use meetings as a method for improving processes, keeping  teams focused on a project, or making sure everyone has a stake in the success of a project
  • Determining when a meeting is NOT the right option
  • Choosing the most effective format and agenda based on your meeting goal
  • Getting the right people involved in the process
  • Developing your prep work for the meeting: most important key to getting results
  • Practicing your presentation skills & public speaking – learning  how to get folks excited about the meeting, clear on their part in the meeting, and psyched about the goal – all in the first 5 minutes – a skill that, when honed, will benefit you in any situation where you need to speak publicly
  • Drafting your agenda, facilitating the meeting, and dealing with unproductive meeting behaviors
  • Teaching team members the skills they need to improve processes so you can let go and let them succeed during and after the meeting

Methods of instruction:  Informal Lecture, Guided Discussion, Case Study, and Application level exercises